About Us

Health is the greatest gift and at Labwork365 we make it absolutely convenient for people to take care of their 

health. Many people are not aware that they can order own cheap blood tests without doctors or insurance or No 

prescription blood test. Labwork365 offers the convenience and time savings of bringing the lab to you. All one 

needs to do is Order your own discounted lab test and then visit the nearest or most convenient location from the 

2,300 labs nationwide to provide the specimen. In as little as 1-2 business days, your results are sent directly 

to your Labwork365 secure account. Labwork365's physician then also calls you to explain the results and answer 

any questions that you may have. We offer the test panels most often prescribed by doctors. We have bundled these 

panels into online blood test packages, both for convenience and to provide cost savings over retail laboratory